Looking for a service within 24 hours after a Live Stream  

A Live Streamed service is not always visible on our YouTube channel for around 24 hours after it has been streamed, below are some steps that should help you find it.

 1.       Go to your web explorer, Edge, Chrome etc.

2.       Find and open YouTube (www.youtube.com)

3.       If you have not subscribed to our channel, enter Rushden Park Road Baptist Church in the YouTube search, and click on us from the list

4.       If you have already subscribed to our channel, then click on our channel within the subscriptions section

5.       Click on the Videos tab, if the one you are looking for is still not there, enter the date of the service e.g. 27th December in the search box and press return

6.       If you are using a phone you will need to enter Rushden Park Road Baptist Church followed by the date in the search box

7.       After the first 24 hours of a Live Stream the service should be available as normal within the Videos tab

Minister: Revd. Mark Duggan | 01933 741126 | minister@parkroadbaptist.co.uk

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