PRBC Diaconate Covid Statement

Covid Policy for PRBC post 6th September 2021. Policy to be reviewed at October Deacons’ meeting.

Personal responsibility for monitoring health: We would ask people who are not feeling well (even cold symptoms) to play safe and not attend any services/meetings. The livestream services will continue to be made available on YouTube. We will give consideration to advising people to take lateral flow tests (freely available from chemists) if they are in any doubt as to their health.

Communion: Continue to use the single use cups & wafers for the time being.

Social Distancing: This should be encouraged and folk should leave empty chairs between family groups, inside stewards to encourage this. Notices from the NHS about hugs etc. will be displayed as visual reminder to folk. We should remind people not to encroach on anyone else’s space or touch them without their permission (unless part of their family group). Using the balcony for those that are able to use the stairs but are concerned about contact should be encouraged.

Face Masks: Legally folks are no longer required to wear a face mask within the building. Though the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas. It is acknowledged that some may still wish to wear a mask. This is welcomed. We in no way wish to discourage the wearing of masks should the individual choose to do so and seek not to make anyone feel uncomfortable in either wearing or not wearing a mask. We have set aside an area under the balcony on the left-hand side of the church as you look towards the front to be an area where those who still wish to wear a mask can sit. We would ask those who choose not to wear a mask to respect this space.  

Singing: Singing is to be allowed without the use of masks. However, we do encourage folk to sing in a quieter manner than we would do if outside.

Chairs: It was agreed that some chairs should be returned to allow more seating as folk return and more choice as to where to sit. However, the aim will be to have more space between rows than pre-Covid.

Ventilation: During the summer months the front doors will be left open and the rear door to the boiler house will be opened.

Hand Sanitiser: This will continue to be made available for folk and its use is encouraged (but cannot be enforced).

After Service Socialising: We will continue to ask people to leave the building immediately after the service and socialise outside or in the Hall if they so choose. It was agreed that we could provide tea and coffee and cold drinks and for them to be served from the hall. People to be asked to continue to consider social distancing.

Test and trace: We are no longer required to do this, however it is recommended and should be made available. There is a single contact person for anybody that tests positive - use email Secretary@parkroadbaptist.co.uk or if no access to email, then speak to Peter Hunt or leave a message on 07888750485. Please note that the utmost consideration to individuals privacy will be maintained at all times.

Platform Arrangement: The arrangement of the band and speaker microphones will remain as is for now.

PRBC Deacons

6 September 2021 



  BU Guidance - Coronavirus Guidance

  Government Guidelines - Coronavirus how to stay safe

Minister: Revd. Mark Duggan | 01933 741126 | minister@parkroadbaptist.co.uk

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