Prayer Points

The  other month we introduced a new initiative our aim is to get more people confidently praying both at home alone and in corporate prayer at church in organised prayer meetings.

We all know that communication with our Lord is a most precious gift. and when we pray great things can be achieved and wonderful outpourings of grace occur.

We initially planned to send out a prayer points email every week, spearheaded by Mark, but as the 2nd week rolled around it didn't seem right to change and add new things, so we thought again and have decided that monthly would be of greater benefit and we get longer to talk to God about the points and Longer to listen out for answers.

Please click on the button below for some prayer suggestions. 

We as Deacons and Leaders would cherish your feedback, we would like to know how God is stirring you, we would like to understand how you go about your prayer life and know if there is any way we can help each other grow. Please email us at

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