The floor has been showing signs of breaking up over the past few years and has had some local repairs made during that time. Recent investigations have revealed that in many areas, the plywood sheet has completely broken down, and de-laminated. Where this has happened, the wood block beneath have also completely broken down. In the areas investigated, the moisture content of the plywood and blocks went off the scale whilst the screed and concrete below appeared to be to acceptable levels.  

The week starting 6th January 2019, we started to remove all furniture and fitments on the floor and take up all carpet tiles. Each carpet tile was checked, the underside cleaned and place in storage.  

All the plywood and wood block was then removed put into the skip. The floor could then be inspected and any old screeded areas removed if deemed to have broken down.

Now it’s time for the Contractor to move in and install the new screed.

When the new floor screed has cured, (after about 5 to 6 weeks) the carpet tiles and all the furniture and fittings can the replaced.

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